Our food

At Makeda, we serve a freshly prepared tasty dishes. 

Customers love our signature dishes – Avocado Salad (diced avocado mixed with tomatoes, onions, peppers, cilantro & vinaigrette) and Tuna Kitfo ( red tuna fish finely chopped and mixed with olive oil, cardamom and mitmita).

Our meat and poultry dishes are served in the form of wot, a thick stew, or tibs – a sautéed of grilled meat along with vegetables, served over Ingera – a flatbread made with either wheat or teff. 

Our Bar


Our beverage menu emphasizes wines, beers, top shelf liquors and cocktails.

Our bartenders are not only skilled at making great drinks but also believe in hospitality and top notch customer service.


Providing the highest quality food, drink and service

Customers love our Restaurant

taken by our customers

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Offering authentic foods of popular Ethiopian taste

About us

We love sharing fresh food with family and friends – nothing inspires us more. Welcome to Makeda, where you can enjoy good meals and togetherness.
Come join us!

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